Computer Support on the Sunshine Coast.

Posted 1st November 2020

Local Computer Support

We offer hassle free, same day and cost effective computer support on the Sunshine Coast.

We offer a personalised service at an affordable rate. We make sure your computer is secure and running at optimal speed. If you're having computer problems or want your PC cleaned, refreshed and running well then please Contact us here

We make sure your computer is secure and is running as expected. If it's not - We fix it.

How do we do it so cheap? By dropping your computer off in the morning and picking it up in the afternoon allows us a bit of flexibility to manage our time. This is crucial in our field and allows us to offer our premium IT services at a great rate.

Drop off and pickup location is Ilkley, 4551

We also offer Cyber Security services for Small to Medium Business. Please take a look below:

Explore Other Services

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

In a nutshell, we will deliberatly try to gain access to your network and report how we did it

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

We scan your network for known vulnerabilities and report on remediation.

24/7 Threat Monitoring

24/7 Threat Monitoring

These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish. In a free hour power.

Cybersecurity Experts

We are wholly Australian owned with our Network Operating Center here on Australian soil. We provide experienced and qualified Australian consultants that can help you work towards ISO 27001 by performing risk assessments, identifying security vulnerabilities, implementing preventative measures, compiling documentation and assist with ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

  • Australian Owned and managed
  • Qualified and Experienced Australian Consultants
  • Operating over 16 Years
  • Tailored and Flexible arrangements for engagement

100 %


16 +

Years Operating


Capital Cities

Some aspects considered in our approach


We analyse your network looking for vulnerabilities. Heed Networks performs internal, external and segmentation tests to give you a 360-degree view and full visibility and understanding of how adversaries could take advantage of your network.

Web Applications

We identify vulnerabilities in your web applications and business/programmatical logic. We uncover weaknesses with automated and manual means and report on our findings. With more and more API's in use, this is most certainly a crucial area.

Social Engineering

We can test the effectiveness of your security processes by social engineering. This is where we use your staff to try and get information without them, even knowing. We make sure to do this ethically and without causing distress.


We look for flaws in the security of your WiFi network that could be used to gain unauthorised access. We look for potentially sensitive information that can broadcast on your network.

How does it typically work?

We are flexible in our engagement, although our services could look something like:

  1. 1. Discuss your requirements and ask for a brief overview of your network
  2. 2. Perform penetration test (offsite and onsite)
  3. 3. Perform a social engineering test
  4. 4. Provide a detailed report with prioritised findings and recommendations
  5. 5. Host a session/workshop to debrief
  6. 6. You have direct access to our specialists for any remediation action
  7. 7. Perform final scan
  8. 8. Assist with internal policy and procedure documentation
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