Ad-Hoc Computer Support

Sometimes for what ever reason things just stop working and we are here to assist. After the obvious “Have you tried turning it off and on again”, we pride ourselves on our excellent problem-solving skills. Perhaps you just want to be shown a certain way of doing things? Or some software is coming up with an unusual error?

There are so many possible computer support enquires it’s not at all feasible to list them. No support call is too hard or too small. Just give us a call on 1300 971 287 or if you’re an existing customer feel free to just log a request.

Our rates are $140 inc GST p/hour (min 1 hour) for an onsite visit, or $90 p/hour phone support (min 30 min) – Our team are based in Australia and speak English as their first language. Did we mention that we are great problem solvers? That’s good news for you as we normally find the cause and solution pretty quick.

Email us at or call 1300 971 287 for more information