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Locally Based

All of our staff are located in Australia with our head office in Queensland. Being local, we are better prepared for Australian regulations, the economy and understand your audience better.

24/7 Helpdesk

You can call, email or log a ticket anytime so we can solve any IT problem, or assist with your query. It may just be a general IT question, or assistance setting up a new piece of software etc. We are ready to help.

Great Rates

We understand the budget of start-up business and we are willing to offer exceptional service at great rates for you to grow and succeed. It is obviously in our long-term interest to build a lasting relationship.

Anything IT

Hosted Email, Office 365, Payment Solutions, Quoting/Invoicing Templates, SWMS Templates, Advertising Screens, POS Systems, Websites - You name it - If it has anything to do with a computer, we can help!